Monday, September 18, 2017


I must have taken the month of August off. No blogging. But I was alive and well and the month went something like this:

A) All three adult kids' families were selling and buying houses during the summer. We helped pack, clean, move and unpack. I was tired. 

B) I went on summer camp field trips as a grandma chaperone. Once to the bowling alley. Twenty-seven 4/5 year olds were really good bowlers. 

 My two were almost pros!!

And to Global Wildlife ride thru to feed zebras, buffalos, cows, etc. up close.

C) School started. We have a kindergartner and a pre-k4. 

And a 3year old daycare goer. 

D) I threw in a few sewing projects along the way. And a weekend at Mawmaw & pawpaw gig. More on these two later. 






Thursday, July 27, 2017

Happy Birthday Parties

Every month is a celebration. There's a Birthday this month for a growing 5 year old. I gave him a surprise party with balloons, cake, ice cream and gifts when he and his dad stopped by the Saturday before his bday day. It was just us and he was surprised. 

Then a real Birthday pool party shared with his cousin who has the Birthday. 

Happy Birthday Cohen!


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Three

The youngest of the clan turned three. 


Gifts, cake, noise makers and family. 

So glad we celebrated with you!


Friday, June 2, 2017

More Wedding Pictures

March 4th was the wedding day for our youngest son and his new bride. I posted the "I Do" pictures/post a few weeks back. And here's a few more. 

A photo booth got everyone into the pictures. Attach one strip to the photo album for the bride and groom and one to keep for yourself. 

Late nite on the dance floor made for sleepy little ones. 

Everyone had a dance partner for a moment.

The one who caught the bouquet gave it to this one.

Happy 3 month anniversary!!




Thursday, June 1, 2017

Red, White and Blue Day

Memorial Day was for remembrance of those who sacrificed for our freedom. We honored them with the Pledge Allegiance and our own rendition of the National Anthem acapella while RVing for the holiday weekend. 

We made good use of the splash pad and the pool.

And a lot of time on the giant water slide. 

 There was a Memorial Day golf cart parade, bike riding, and good nights of sleep with everyone being so tired by the end of the day. 


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Graduate

Love, love, love this Pre K4 Graduate. 

Love watching him grow and learn and experience so much. 

Loved celebrating with him and his parents and his other grandparents. 




Sunday, May 14, 2017

T-Ball Entertainment

T-ball games are the best. Kids are totally themselves and Cohen surely doesn't disappoint. 

He hits pretty good. 

He's got the running bases thing down pretty well while giving us a smile as he runs by.

And they rotate positions infield and outfield. 

And he throws in some pretty funny actions to keep us entertained. 

He's a ball player all the way. 

Great days spent at the ball park. 




Thursday, May 11, 2017

just because

Weekends are made to do something. Like a weekend away in the RV as camping season gets in full swing with perfect weather a few weekends ago. 

Day time filled with hikes, bike rides, and outdoor games and cookouts. Nite life with campfires and glow sticks. 

Happy camping to us.





Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Spring Break Days

With my sprained ankle, we managed to pull off some decent playtime in the woods. 

Everyday we went on a "hunt" as they called it. Riding in the trailer behind the four wheeler. 

And stopped along the trail at the guys hunting houses to inspect. 

The walkway changed colors over the day with sidewalk chalk. 

Spent some of everyday swinging high. But , oops, but one did fall out once. No injuries, just some tears. 

Once we built a campfire and cooked our hotdogs and marsh mellows for dinner. 

And we pretend camped, with one asleep. 

Spring break is almost to an end.