Friday, September 12, 2014

Can you say OMG ! (Project # 20)

Oh My Gosh! Maybe it's just me but is this just so cute?

It's an owl Halloween OOC for a Halloween pageant. Think of a baby owl with soft little feathers on its body and arms (wings) and little feet (claws). . Pink and purple. Fuzzy and sparkly. 

A rhinstone owl applique on the bodice so you can't miss the idea that it's an owl. Just so you know, it's really a purple. Not the blue that the camera portrays it to  be.

The bottoms with multi layers of purple and pink glittery ribbon and pink and white baby feathers. that will look so cute on a baby's bottom.

A bow and feathers on the headband and on the ankles and arm bands with feathers that will float around with movement of the arms and legs and head and will fit the cutest little three month old ever!

It's rather cute in person. So a Happy Whoo-Whoo Halloween to you.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Restaurant Review

We stopped in a restaurant in the Capitol City that was once a well-known establishment. In my younger days it was the place we as youth went after church services and then in my younger married life we went there when we dated and then with our kids. My reason for choosing it, this particular time, was the Hot Fudge Cake that I craved when I saw the Shoney's sign.

We came to the conclusion it was a mistake to patronize this establishment, as the clues kept piling up.

Clue #1
     Not one, but three waitresses came to our table.

Clue #2
     The waitress wrote our order on a napkin from her pocket.

Clue #3
     There was no lettuce on the salad bar. Even after asking a waitress if they could put some out. We never saw any. Therefore, no salad with our entree, which came with a salad.

Clue #4
      The cutlery was all bent. Especially the fork tines. Could these be the original cutlery from the inception of this location since it was obvious there had been no remodel to the building or sign ever?. It's just as I remembered all the locations from way back when.

Clue #5
      The side of onion rings I had ordered was never served. When I asked the waitress to be sure and remove it from our ticket, she promptly said she didn't turn the onion rings in on the order.

As we waited for our food, we made the decision we would pay with cash, not the debit card. We weren't sure this was a bonafide restaurant establishment what with all the strange things going on. Maybe there was some illegal goings on and the restaurant part was just a cover. We were really unsure why the heck we were still sitting there. The day was beginning to all come together for we had just spent the morning at a gun show on a tax free weekend. Get it?

We did:
1) order me a  Hot Fudge Cake, which was absolutely delicious, just as I remembered.
2) tip the young waitress. Hopefully she learned a few things with us.
3) vowed to just savor my Shoney's memories and not re-vive or re-live them.

Moral to the this post:
     This is the year 2014. Not the 1980's.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Good Little Witch (Project #19)

September brings out all the fall and Thanksgiving and Halloween theme things. I am clinging to summer because it's my favorite of all seasons. But, as hard as it was to leave the thoughts of summer for a day, I
brought out the Halloween fabric in my stash to see what would evolve.

A little inspired witch dress with black and yellow bows and trim. Yes, the two bows are uneven. Just a little tweak can remedy that.

Every witch needs striped tights. Purple striped tights for this little witch.

Black boots blinged up and turned into black witche's lace up high top boots.

The end result is a cute, cute, cute good little witch.

Now we have to find a Halloween dress-up pageant and a Halloween party.


I cannot help myself. I love winning at pageants. Seems the outfits I make for pageants keep winning. And I am getting addicted to them winning. 

I may not be aware that my behavior is out of control and causing problems for myself and others. But all they have to do is say no and then I wouldn't have anyone to sew for.  But the mom likes the fun and competition of it with her friends and the little one actually likes to go on stage. 

So for now, we continue on with the addiction of pageant fever. Until the little one starts crying and says "no".

Last weekend was another winner! Ok, so she doesn't look too happy here. 
Maybe she wanted Queen and not 1st Runner Up. 

Pink Poodle In Paris Pageant was all about a little pink. And our pink received 1st Runner Up and Division Fashion Winner. 

Gosh I love my job!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Days #30, 31, & 32

Sidewalk chalk art work. I can buy the best toys ever to entertain at a really very inexpensive cost.  I spy what looks like a ghost to me.

It's the season of LSU football and mascot Mike the Tiger. Everywhere you look there are tigers. This tiger is on the carousel at the mall. 

Something sparkly is going on in my sewing room. And I love it. 

Sixty-eight more happy days to go to finish my 100 Happy Days Challenge. 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pony Wear ( Project #18 )

There's a new pageant in town in association with USA Cowgirls. There are local preliminaries that qualify you for state and nationals. 

We're not cowgirls, by any means, but it's an opportunity for fun and rewards. It's Polka Dot Pony Showdown LA. 

My first thought was western. You know, like horse, boots, hat? But after the excitement of reading all the info, I guess it doesn't actually have to be western. A pony theme could go in any direction. But then I thought of My Little Pony character too. So I'm going with two outfits to do both themes. 

First, the western idea.

Western wear is usually blah denim apparel. Agree? Not!

It should be a) bright, b) fashionable, c) feminine, and d) fun. So I came up with my own take on a western theme for Polka Dot Pony Showdown. 

As you see it is: 
a) Bright with color. 
b) Fashionable with the chevron. With matching color large polka dots. This was no coincidence. The 2 fabrics are actually complimentary of each other by a fabric designer, of which I forgot who, but I do remember the print is titled Bliss. (Yes, I am proud of myself for knowing this. Normally, I just pick up a yard and go.) 
c) The whole outfit screams Feminine. 
d) Fun. Take your pick -- iridescent ruffles; or shiny AB crystals in the center of the large polka dots; or the crop top with shorts; or the ruffle suspenders.

The pink cowgirl hat with matching iridescent ruffle and awesome little pink boots complete the outfit. 

It's just waiting for its crown and sash. 

I'll show My Little Pony character idea soon. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why I'm Celebrating My Dog Today

Today, Tuesday, Aug 26 is National Dog Day, founded in 2004.

Here are 5 reasons why she deserves my love today and every day:

1) I don't need an alarm clock. She never fails to wake me early in the morning.

2) She puts up with my shenanigans. I dress her in sweaters and boots in the winter and neck scarfs and bows in the summer.. I carry her like a baby. And I call her a scaredy-cat when she hides from bad weather and hides when the computer printer starts to print.

3) She still likes to run and play fetch even at her age of 49 in human years.

4) She gets left at home alone quiet often, but is always waiting patiently at the window watching for our return.

5) She's a good communicator. Telling us when she needs out, when she's hungry, when company' arrives, etc. 

Poochie would say she loves us, too.

Celebrate your doggie today and tomorrow in a doggie post and leave a comment here that you did so we can visit. Since it's such late notice, we'll continue this tomorrow.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Finally at Grandmother's

This post goes with the you tube video posted yesterday

Grandmother is a name given a pageant director 
Who is laying down her crowning skills. She getti
 A little older and forgetful and needs all the help 
She can get to pull off her pageants now, so they 

So she gave a farewell pageant and we participated 
And enjoyed it and learned some valuable pointers 
And finally Brooklyn did it at Grandmother's pageant

The princess cheer outfit, and pompoms, and he
Smile won her Grand Supreme.

She had fun. And did so good all on her own. 

She placed grand Supreme
In 0-5 age division. Which is the  highest score in
That age group breakdown. There were 3 other age 
Group breakdowns with a Grand Supreme also. 
The only other higher award was the Ultimate which was 
The highest score of all the contestants. And that went to a 17 year old.z

It really is fun for a day. We never know what the outcome will be or how she will act.
We show up definitely not knowing what to expect each time. 


Saturday, August 23, 2014

You have received a YouTube video!

This is a poor quality video I am posting here to save on my blog for the future. It's sideways and hard to see. I can't fix it.  I want to save it anyway for the future.
A post about it will be up shortly.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back To School Supplies

I love, love, love school supplies and office supplies. It's almost like jewelry shopping. I want some of everything on the shelf even if I have no use for it. I buy school supplies and office supplies all year. NOTE: I am not a student in any school and I don't work in an office and I only have a teeny-tiny personal desk at home. BUT: I am stocked up on every kind of office supply there is. Call me cray cray but I've always been like this.

I loved, loved, loved when my kids were in school and they brought the supply list home. I couldn't wait to take them to pick out and purchase everything. I can't remember, but I probably caused a lot of embarrassing moments once the kids became older. And let's not even remember the pain for me when they could drive themselves to get their own supplies. Or in college and I certainly wasn't consulted for school supplies.

I'm loving, loving, loving my new idea this back to school time. My just made 2 year old and almost 2 year old little ones are being promoted to the 2 year old class at their daycare. So school supplies are in my future once again.

I purchased 2 mini backpacks of Mickey & Minnie (their fav characters right now) and stuffed them with my version of back to school fun for home.

I included the following:
side walk chalk
coloring book and colors
animal flash cards
Lightening Mcqueen cap
Minnie Mouse mirror compact
Sponge Bob flash light
a Dora magnetic paper doll w/magnetic outfits
water gun

And a mini diaper bag for the new baby that had an outfit, bows, and some soft play toys.

Hoping back to school for them is as much fun as it for me.

No pictures were taken to document my love of back to school supplies.