Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Party, Cohen

This two year old is a happy awesome little guy today.

His party was today celebrating with his 8 year old cousin who shares the same birthday. Next Thursday they will be 2 years old and 8 years old. 

Today was the big day for double the fun, double the guests, double the gifts, double everything with a monster truck party.  

Food, cakes, gifts, and swimming for the two of them. 

Happy Birthday Big Boy Cohen!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday Treats

Being the wife, momma, and mawmaw of the brood I make sure birthdays are highlighted, acknowledged, celebrated, and special. I actually want to celebrate everyones birthday exactly the same way every month.  The birthday party for June and July birthday's were for Jennifer, Cohen and Brynlee's actual birth-day being a newborn. The day ended with a bang with fireworks for the 4th.

We first met for a birthday dinner. The waitresses sang the Happy  Birthday restaurant song and both honorees were given their own little Mexican desert. The baby slept and didn't participate much. 

Cohen liked the attention of them singing  to him and he thanked them for his own special birthday dessert. Jennifer was embarrassed with the attention, but didnt mind eating her own special birthday dessert from them. 

Towards the end I excused myself to the restroom and snapped a few pictures of the group as they were packing up. 

Then cake and gifts. 

The real party for Cohen's 2nd birthday is coming up. But there is something in me that has to give a party anyway no matter how many more Bday parties they may have.  Jennifer's real bday was in June. But I am a month late with her

Also July is my dad's birthday month.  Wish he was here for his birthday party, he passed away over a year ago. But I will be thinking of him and acknowledging him in some way.

Happy Birthday!! 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Southern Expo

I do like pageants. I like the fun and excitement and anticipation to see if all our hard work paid off. I like the preparation for them, planning the day or the weekend, choosing or making the outfits. I like meeting new people and making new friends. Of course, we are in it for the win. But sometimes we just have to take the fun and enjoyment of the day without the top win.

And that's how this weekend went down at the Southern States Expo. Fun, enjoyment, anticipation, and new friends.

Friday night was RWB competition  I made the dress. You can see about it here.

Here's our little contestant on stage.

Not very many smiles. But she enjoyed it.

She was tied for queen. So a double take on the runway was full of hugs from the two.

In the end she got 1st runner up Friday nite for the RWB. Which is fine. It was a tough competition.

Wikipedia says an "expo" is an exhibition of a like industry or company, so this Southern States Exp consisted of 5 pageants in 1 with 5 sets of judges and 5 times the titles for Saturday morning casual wear competition.

A bright, cute, and with a little bling tunic and capris was her outfit for the morning. And matching bow and sandals.  .

Still no real pretty smile. 

With ten other one year olds she did her best. No crown today but a lot of gifts from each of the 5 pageants. She placed as two 1st runner ups, two 2nd runner ups, and one third runner up.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Could Be Wonder Woman (project #15)

The second outfit to choose from for the RWB (red white blue) pageant is a 7 piece ensemble. 
Including top, shorts, 2 arm sleeves, head band, and a pair of fabric boots with red and blue spandex with white shining stars to make it really look good.  This actually looks like a rendition of Wonder Woman's outfit.

 This is the first time I've worked with spandex. And I love it. The stretch makes it fit like a glove. Of course, that's what it is suppose to do. 

I was thrilled to find a blue with white stars spandex. It fit into my plans perfect. So with red spandex and blue with white stars spandex it evolved. 

Simple, quick to cut out and sew together. I like that the shorts and top just slip on and fit like a glove. No back fasteners and no elastic in the waist. Yayyy!! 

The boots!! Super cute, super easy.
They are made to fit over shoes. Just measure length and width of shoes, 1/2 circumfrance of calf, and length of leg from underneath knee area to floor. I allowed for a two tone on this so you need to figure the boot cuff in with the length of the leg area. 

Cut 2 for each boot, using your measurements, adding 1/2 inch for seams. 

Stitch back seam from back of knee down to heel at floor.  Stitch front seam from under front of knee then down and around toes.  Use zigzag to hem top of boot under. Use zigzag to hem around foot, toes, and heel area AND stitching in a small elastic across bottom to hold boot on shoe. Make sense?

See how a shoe fits in the foot of the boot? 

Some rhinestone trim around the blue on the top and around the shorts waist and the cuff of the boot and a glittery star on the head band added a little bling. 

I love it. I think I am Wonder Woman. 


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

RWB Pageant Project # 14

A RWB pageant is coming up and while I was excited to get an outfit made for it, I've been shopping and collecting stuff for it.  Hobby Lobby, Hancocks, and Joann's should know me by now.  

Two outfits were made and the mom will soon make the winning choice of which outfit made the cut. 

The first fashion was a red white and blue dress with graduated size stars across the bodice and a cute little hat and boots to complete the look.  A petti slip on hand from another outfit brought out the flounce the skirt needed.  

The blue was cut and sewn into a one shoulder bodice with white ribbon strap sewn on the other shoulder and fastened in the back. 

Graduated size stars placed on the bodice in a cascading motion. I found package of varying size glittery stars in the craft department. I just glued them on. 

A circle skirt divided in 3 colors sewn together was cut and a fish line hem finished the edge. Then attached the skirt waist to the umpire bodice and a white ribbon for the umpire waist. 

These cute boots were found on ebay. I took the flowers off and will attach blue stars on the side or front.

Red glitttery shoes from a Christmas outfit last year are on standby. Deciding which to use. The blue star is just double sided taped on for now. 

A round top hat was made and embellished to complete the look. 

How cute again! 

For my own info I track the cost of each sewing project. It doesn't give a precise cost amount cause I sometimes buy things for the project then not use it but keep it in my stash for another project. Well, maybe not sometimes, more like all the time. 

Here's my cost breakdown. 

This is more than I usually spend on pageant outfits. There is some surplus tho that goes in my stash and that is good. 

Tomorrow will be the rundown of the second outfit. 


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fun 4th

I  bought some cute patriotic decorations to have a little party.

Red, white and blue paper light lanterns were hung across the porch.  

A flag I keep hung inside the closet under  the stairs was brought out and put at the door steps. 

Patriotic fabric I had in my stash was wrapped over the porch rocker cushions. 

And a little BBQ, salad, beans, grilled corn on the cob, brownies and watermelon was a table decoration in itself. 

Only things missing were a few people and pictures of my decor.  

But I do have a few pictures to show. 

The little ones swinging on the swing.  

We pushed them high. It tickles your tummy, you know. 

Higher and higher. 

And we threw in the sleeping baby for just a second to get them all in their red white and blue.

May God Bless the USA everyday including July 4th. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014


A beautiful rainbow. And it's thundering and darkening to rain again as I post this. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Merry Month of May

May has slipped by and a few happenings were left out of my documentation of life.

Birthday bash for Brandon:
An adult child in the family had a birthday. This made 34 birthdays in his lifetime. We celebrated well with a little oooing & ahhhhing over his life achievements with food, cake, and gifts. 
Happy Birthday.

(That makes mom seem old. But I am only as old as I feel. And I don't feel old at all.)

New house for Trent:
Another adult child in the family bought a new house. We helped him move in and set up housekeeping.  This is the model home. His is similar. 

Of course I babysat:
For my own remenescing, I have some little ones picture of our play date. 
I call them my AR (Accelerated Readers). FYI: AR is a school implemented reading program which my kids were in in their elementary days; and it's still a part of the classroom today. I'm starting these two out early. 

Enjoying snack time.

And primping in the mirror.

And the next two pictures. 

And taking care of stuff going on that one does just because it comes up and needs ones' attention. 


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Days # 21 - # 24

I'll eventually get to the 100th Happy Day picture. Today I've got #21-24.

 While driving into the city, I stopped at an Antigue Shoppe. I wanted practically everything in there. Some things weren't even antigue, just cute things like handmade painted signs and such. I settled on buying nothing.  

Small towns are so quaint. And small. Literally one Main Street with one of a kind shops and a few doctors' offices and a bank thrown in the mix with the railroad crossing a block away. 

Mail delivery makes for a Happy Day. Didnt know that 2 yards of glittery poodle fabric would make my day. I'm going to be sewing this week for sure. 

As soon as I finish this one. 

Seventy-six more Happy Day pictures to go. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

New Arrival

Baby grand #3 arrived 10 days ago, June 4. We're thankful for a healthy bouncing baby girl weighing in at 6 lbs 25 oz 20 1/2 inches at 12:44 am via emergency c-section. Her name is Brynlee Rae.

We made it to the hospital to keep big sister and wait in the waiting room. We looked at all the magazines, ate Zoo Cookies and water from the vending machines, and showed a few acrobatic skills. Big sister stayed up the entire time until we left at 2am decked out in her pjs.

She wasn't fussy at all and never showed any signs of sleepiness. 

We had one section of the waiting room to ourselves and had enough space to run around to pass the time. 

The magazine scene before they kinda got torn up. 

Baby and mom doing well and get to come home in a few days.

While I get to keep big sister all to myself for a few days. 

So since this post is about the new arrival , I must add one more picture of her.