Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Mini Series Coming Up. But First Soccer

Another round of spring soccer is in full swing with only one grand participating. The team players are extremely cute and say the darndest things. Two parents were yelling at their daughter to “get in there, kick the ball, go, hurry, hurry, get it.” The little girl turned around, with hands on hips, and yells back “I’ve told you I don’t want to play this game.” Yes, we all know too well that we want them together play. Maybe they really don’t want to play.

Anyways, so far this one is totally into his games. Luckily for all involved it’s only an 8 week season.

It’s an hour of running, kicks, saves, steals, out of bounds, scores, whistle blowing, and break time. Enjoy these pictures of my soccer star.

P.S. Mini series tell-all begins tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A quilt in a week

One summer day a quilt was started. I needed something to do. I rummaged thru my fabric stash to see what I could pull together to make a simple quick quilt. There before me were pinks and greens and whites, with flowers and geometric shapes and carousel horses.

Large triangles cut to make diamond blocks became my vision. Fussy cutting the carousel horses to be sure there were no heads or legs or tails missing for the most part.
It was harder than it seemed to layout the design so each triangle was set the correct way. It took two days to cut, layout, and sew the triangles together to create the quilt top.

Day 4 was time for the batting and the backing of which I had none. A trip to Hobby Lobby solved that dilemma. Then the quilt sandwich was made. Top, batting, and backing. (Kinda like a PB&J sandwich). And aligned on the quilting frame,

The next 2 days and nights, in my spare time, was spent machine quilting it and then binding the edges.

The finished size 68” x 76” will make a nice twin size quilt and snuggly cover for a girl. I have a boys theme quilt in mind next, cause everyone needs a quilt.

That’s a wrap on a quilt in a week.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Summer with then MawMaw, (again)

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My summer gig was spent with my little grands Monday thru Friday, 8-5, filled with all things a grandmother would allow and a parent wouldn’t. Yes. You read that right. Yes. The parents were in shock more than once during the summer. Yet, the parents have conveniently forgotten how they acted in their younger years.
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So, just to hit the highlights of our summer days together:
Must make your bed before grandma lets you get away with murder. I am one of those who must make my bed every morning. My rule for the grands was we must make our beds first. The 4, 5, and 6 year olds became masters at bed making. Though it included standing up in the bed to fly the covers up and let them land on the bed 59 times to get it right.
I’m a stickler for sticking to schedule. We had to have breakfast by 8am. Because there was lunch at 12 and snack at 3 and parents were home by 6 and dinner by 7. And I was hungry at 8am so that was a good reason, too.
Why, yes, we can play ball in the house. Our summer was in excess of 100 degrees everyday. So unless we were playing in water outside, we stayed inside. With a small spongy nerf ball or a tiny McDonalds Happy Meal stuffed animal we played soccer or baseball in the living room. Proud to say not one thing got broken. But just so you know, their parents played ball in the house and did break a thing or two when they were younger and I was not home.
Mawmaw loves craft time. And so do the little ones. Especially if you let them use glitter glue, scissors, stickers, markers and not colors. I spent a lot of time defending why hair and floor and everything had shiny stuff on it to the parents.
Who doesn’t play hide and seek in the house? This has to be every kids favorite game involving running thru the house, screaming, and getting into places you weren’t ever allowed - like behind the drapes. We did occasionally do quite puzzles on the floor, board games, and I spy.
An hour a day was given to quiet time. The little ones spent their quiet time on their iPad. My quiet time was spent repeating “turn that down.” With 3 Ipad’s going it was getting a little loud.
Miscellaneous time. Two VBS weeks scheduled at 2 different churches. A day or two was spent at the movies. Looked forward to the pizza delivery guy a lot. Plenty of wet towels and wet swimsuits stacked up from water time in the hot sun with a slip and slide, a next neighbor who so graciously invited us over to her pool with her grandchildren, and making our own water slide with the hosepipe gushing down the swingset slide. A week they were all gone on their family vacations.
Then summer was over and school time came. 1st grade. Kindergarten. And Pre-K4.
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What’s a mawmaw to do now?

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ninth Inning

The end of ball season for me. There was soccer teams for two. Then Cohen's t-ball league finished. And now Brooklyn's t-ball ends this week. 

Sadly I didn't get to attend every game. If I could have, I would have been there cheering them on. 

They are the best players in the world. 

Go teams!!

Until next season.





Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Family Affair

We made it a family affair camping trip at a state park recently. Now that each of the kids and their families and us have their own RV we did a group long weekend RV trip to Buccaneer State Park in MS. 

It was a combination of the first "group" trip and the birthday party for a four year old. 

With just about 200 concrete sites, park rangers patrolling, paved roads, windy breeze from the gulf, and a water park with a giant wave pool made it a nice 3 day trip. 

We took turns with the food menu. With four RV's there was lots of good food to go around. One did steaks one night, one a pork and chicken pastalaya, one a burger/dog birthday lunch grilling, and polish sausage poboys, spinach dip, Caesar salad, birthday cake, ice cream, and snacks thrown in during the day. 

A quick bike ride to the camp store for some condiments is better than a hot walk on foot. 

An evening in the sand after a full day in the pool. 

The birthday girl and her gifts and her other grandparents came for her party. 

And then the water park which is in the state park where we were which made it nice to walk to and from. 

The Birthday girl.

The Birthday girl and her other grandparents from Florida. 

Even I enjoyed the wave pool with my sun hat, shades, bad hair,  and tons of sunscreen on. 

Not a bad few days. 








Friday, May 25, 2018

schools out

Kindergarten and pre-k4 has been done for a few weeks now. A school year of learning all new things is exciting for the youngsters. 

Cohen's kindergarten graduation was a preview of what to expect at his high school graduation. He walked across the stage so proud to accept his kindergarten diploma.


Just as cute and sweet as he can be as he received honor roll award. 

His parents, his poppa, and me and pawpaw were all there to honor him on this great milestone. 

So proud of you!!

The next day was pre-k4 graduation. Their program showed how much they have learned this school year as they received their Pre-K4 certificate and ready for Kindergarten. 

She also received the Superstar Award.  

It fit her personality perfect.

Brooklyn's mom and dad and sissy and me and pawpaw were all there to see her  milestone. 

So thankful and blessed. 






Sunday, April 29, 2018

April's Run-down

April is so mid-year. Now it's May. Time flies. Things change. That's what so great about blogging, also. Time has flown since I've last blogged.

There are still sewing projects in my life. This summer dress. I just really love it. Her mom, not really thrilled over it. 

Trying out a new version of quilting, I call art quilts. This happens to be a peacock art quilt. Yes or no?

 And I've become a vendor in a local antique/market gallery. There's a ton of stuff stashed in my little corner of husbands workshop that is perfect for selling that I've had for years. No, I'm not a hoarder. Just stuff nicely stacked and boxed away from times gone by. Some stuff new never used, some old, and some not so old. My first set up is mostly framed prints, decorative shelves, etc. 

Then I added metal patio art, small furniture pieces, and other new, old, and not so old stuff. 

I need a bigger booth! 





Monday, March 5, 2018

Let the games begin

March starts spring training and games for all things sports. So soccer has started for two of the little ones. 
Three years old and five year olds games can be entertaining. Luckily they last only forty-five minutes. 
And the oldest is starting practice for dirt bike motor cross competition. So I have places to be and things to watch for a few weeks. 
Cohen is not new to dirtbikes or four wheelers for little tykes.  But this will be his first for competition racing with all the gear to keep safe. 

His dad giving him pointers to win and rules to stay safe. 

He can ride and can't wait to see his standing in his first competition.


Brynlee did great for the first play in her soccer game.  She ran, kicked, and did everything her team coach-dad trained her to do in practice. 

But after that she had had enough. One play was enough for her. 

The five year old team was all about soccer. Brooklyn  must have learned a lot at practices. She was right on point with everything. 

She was right in the middle of things where ever the ball was. 

She did good. 

She was proud of herself to the end.