Monday, November 3, 2008

Do you like?

I've spent some time sewing up some table runners and place mats. I came across a great fabric store with an abundance of fabric in any texture and color you could imagine and so many trims, beads and stuff. And the price you would not believe.

This I call a winter wonderland table runner. It's white/cream with just a touch of green and burgundy large flowered pattern, lined with a satiny fabric and tassels on the end.This is sleigh bells table runner. It's a pretty green with golden cream swirls. It's not lined but has 2 rows of cream glass beads.
This is green, cream and burgundy patterned kind of a soft chenille like fabric.I haven't made anything with it yet.
I want to make some more so this week I'm going back to pick out some more fabric and trim. They are quick and easy. They will look great for Christmas use even though they are not a holiday pattern. They can be used throughout the year for that special look on your table. Some of you out there may be getting one of these for an early Christmas gift!

I just have to throw in this picture. While taking the table runner pictures on my dining table, this is the view from my dining room window - a pink rose bush planted at the end of the house. It has just exploded over the last 2 years. We built a heavy duty trellis to hold it. It just blooms and blooms and blooms. It was a cutting I took from my grandma's house like 10 years ago. When we moved here I brought a few cuttings from where I had originally planted it at our other house. This is sitting at the dining table, looking out the window down the driveway.



  1. Love those table runners.... hope one finds its way to my house...

  2. Those are such pretty table runners. :) I've got to get better at my sewing skills! Thank you for comments on my blog. :)

  3. Very lovely, Gin! Those could be used at any time of year.

    I never have learned how to sew well.... My brain just can't handle strait lines for some reason!

    ~ Hearts ~


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