Monday, November 10, 2008

Get well

Get well to Brandon who has had strep throat for the last few days and get well to Rob who has had pneumonia for the last few days. they both went to the doctor, got shots, prescriptions and have been trying to recuperate for the past few days. They are both back at work today after a very sick last week.

Could it be that early cool morning fishing trip triggered that strep and that pneumonia had been setting in for a while for it to become that bad. Get well soon guys!!

Jennifer and Julie are taking care of their guys.

Trent has his new house up for sale. He hopes to sell quick. We will be there to help him move again!!



  1. Gin, after you checked out my blog I checked yours out - good work! I also checked out your profile,not many folks know what a Piggly Wiggly is - LOL Looks like we have much in commen based on age, number of kids, books and movies. LOVE National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, not Christmas without it! My DH can keep his leg lamp!

    Blessings, Beth Ann

  2. Beth Ann, so true about the two movies. My husband will watch the Christmas Carol movie with the leg lamp every time during the marathon. But I agree Christmas Vacation is the best yet. I watch it all year long.

  3. oh man, we're sick around here again! Now I'm beginning to see why some people don't like to see Summer end! :< Your prayers are appreciated.


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