Sunday, November 23, 2008

Show and Tell

Remember my place mats and table runners I had made a few weeks back and posted on? Well, I have a few more made. I seem to can't get away from greens, ivorys, and burgundy colors. And I can't seem to post the pictures here. It just keeps loading loading loading loading and no picture ever shows up. So no pictures. I'll just tell and not show. Maybe that's a good thing because the table runners are gifts for family members. Not Christmas gifts, but just a thinking of you gift. I will be visiting these family members soon and will bring the table runners for you to choose the one you like. I think they are pretty. Some with satin ribbon trim along the edges, some with glassy beads, some with fringe, and some with a satiny lining. I'm going to take most of the day Monday, tomorrow, and finish up a few more. Then no more sewing for me until next year. ! You know there is Thanksgiving and Christmas to do.

Yesterday, we rode into the "city" to eat lunch. While there we did a little shopping. We went in one store which is like a salvage store. All things are new from other stores that have closed down or whatever. But you really have to search thru the stuff to find something you might want. I knew they would have a lot of Christmas decor and such. I found some really nice Christmas tree skirts. Velvety red with gold swirls and a wide green velvet trim. Very nice. I wanted one. As I "dug" through the stash I realized they all had names stitched on them. There was "The Thompson's" printed in gold script. There was "The Johnson's". There was "The Bozeman's". And a few more. But I didn't want to be a common name and husband was not about to buy this. Then there was "The La Ville's". Oh good, I said, We can be "The La Ville"s". I like that name. At 75% off I could live with that name a few weeks. I bought it to the dismay of husband. But I can turn the name to the back and cover it with a pretty wrapped gift. My only other find of the day was a box of 100 bulls eye targets for shooting or archery. There will be another post for what I have in store for these.

I can't seem to load any pictures. It just keeps loading loading and loading and no picture shows up. So my great tree skirt will be for my eyes only.

My must do's this week are to finish my table runners and place mats. I really like them and hope the recipients will like them too. I plan to finish them Monday and Tuesday. Also, I have 2 swap packages I have to get in the mail. They are all packaged and ready to go to the post office. And of course there is Thanksgiving preparations.
You will be busy this week, too.
Whistle while you work!!



  1. Oh my gosh, Gin, I went back to the post with the pics and your work is lovely. I think these will be well received and enjoyed for years to come.

  2. Gin - - You are certainly in the "Holiday" spirit - - - And - you penetrate it thru your blog -

    I am looking forward to seeing your creativitiy !

    "Happy Thanksgiving" and "Mery Christmas"

  3. Oh - - and 'your 100 bulls eye targets' - - I'm sure your creative plans include something for those 'sons' and son-in-law of yours - and your husband.
    You make it so fun to go to your home !
    "Whistle while you work" - - -

  4. Did someone say "swap package"?
    Your box is almost ready but I ran out of tape!

    Well, I'm sorta glad that I'm not the only one who has picture loading problems...

    Have a great day, Gin!


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