Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spilling my kitchen secrets

Bobbie does Menu Planning Monday every week. And I have faithfully used her menus for the week because I like the same things she cooks, she does all the work for me by giving me the menu, and she makes my life free from thinking about cooking.

But, lately she has made me work a little harder in the kitchen by coming up with my own menus. And this week is no different. She wants us to give her this weeks menu and spill our kitchen secrets. So after you read mine, go to Bobbie's and check her out!

It's only my husband and myself to cook dinner for. All the kids are grown and gone. So the last few years have been different with just the two instead of a house full of kids and their friends.

I just stop at the Piggly Wiggly which is between my work and my house. It's convenient and I now know where everything is. They have some sales but I don't try to shop around. I really do not like to grocery shop. I do clip coupons on occasion, but for some reason they are never with me when I go to the grocery store. I buy groceries about twice a month, but of course more often for fresh bread and milk.

I like to try new recipes and do so when I'm home alone and have plenty of time. I do freeze some meals occasionally. And that's so nice when I have something already cooked and I just have to put it in the oven. We usually eat around 6pm on weekdays and weekends there is no set time just depending where we are and what we are up to.

The only time my husband helps in the kitchen is when he cooks outside - like fish, something on the grill or frying the turkey. But he does prepare all the meats himself, which I love for him to do (it gives me a break). The only way he helps when I cook inside is to order what he wants to eat. He usually suggest a couple things a week that he would like, which is fine with me. I like a variety of dishes. But it does get so hard with the same thing - pork, chicken, beef, seafood.

So my menu this week is:

Monday - white beans, rice, thin boneless seasoned pork chops pan cooked with onions, cornbread (in fact I already had my beans in the crock pot and then sat down to read your blog and found out I had to make my own menu anyway, haha) (I really like really good seasoned white beans)

Tuesday - Spaghetti,meatballs, sauce, leftover cornbread, big green salad

Wednesday - Breaded chicken tenders in oven, oven baked sweet potato french fries, biscuits

Thursday - Steak on grill, potatoes, salad, rolls
For these potatoes I use irish potatoes, wash well and scrub, cut into quarters or sixths (depending on size), with peeling left on, salt, pepper, and any other seasoning to your taste, 1 tbls water, and slap slices of butter around on top. Cover and cook in microwave for 20 minutes. Taste like baked potato, but less time.

Friday - I think I deserve take out!!

Saturday - Some kind of sandwich

Sunday - Roast, potato, carrots, rice gravy, English peas, rolls, blueberry pie.



  1. Good morning, Gin!

    When all my boys were still at home I was really into menu planning and I would put meals in the frezzer. I thought I'd never keep those boys full! Now that I have justone little guy and hubby, I've sort of become lazy when it comes to cooking but every time Micah has a growing spurt, I'm reminded that I better get ready!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~ Hearts ~

  2. sounds very delicious ! - and also healthy - I'm sure those grown-up children of ya'lls still enjoy your home-cooked meals

  3. Maybe you should start making my menu plans each week


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