Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I must

..move on to fall. Have I ever told you that I love summer the best! Well, I must give it up, because Thanksgiving is here. I love Thanksgiving, so that"s when I start my fall.

I've said goodbye to my roses (even though they are still blooming) and saying hello to all the leaves that have fallen and to the cooler temperature. Not much has changed with the seasons, because there is still plenty of yard work to do.

The Thanksgiving Holiday - where you have family and friends over, and your go visit family and friends. Four days of travel for everyone to and fro.

A week to spend some time relaxing, playing, doing what you like to do best.

It's gonna be a good week!



  1. what a sweet pooch! And with that bunny...too cute, he looks so happy!

  2. Thanksgiving came rather quickly - and I too enjoy celebrating with family and friends - and all the different types of FOOD ! Poochie Dog is as cute as he can be - looks as though he enjoys traveling :>)

  3. Wish Summer could last forever for you, Gin! ♥


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