Friday, November 6, 2009

True Story

My exercise regimen consists of walking 3 miles a a day every morning or afternoon in this wilderness where the houses are few and far between.  There is a little country church down the road with 1 house between our house and the church. I walk past the church, turn around, and walk back to our house to make my 3 miles.

On one particular evening, I spotted something green lying on top of the tall weeds along the roadside. I am a fast walker. I made a quick turn around and went back and there was a 100 dollar bill laying on top of the grass/weeds. It was a crisp, un-folded, no creases in it bill. Of course I swiped it up, looked around, and put it in my pocket.  I began breathing harder, thoughts racing through my head "did any one see me?" " is this a counterfeit?" "could there be more?" O course there is no one around for miles, and no sound of any vehicles coming my way.  It could well be counterfeit. And hopefully there is a lot more.

Undoubtedly it had to have blown out of a car window as some one was counting their money as they were speeding down the road.  I just knew there should be more laying around. I enlarged my walk/search area to over in the ditch, thinking, rather knowing, some bills could have, must have blown a little further over.  I even went a little further down each way than my normal walk, trying to find MORE.

It was getting dusk, so I walked on home. I went in the kitchen door and locked it behind me. And began to whisper the story to husband.  I didn't know if someone had followed me and I surely didn't want any one else to know where my treasure spot is.

Husband was surprised that I even found one $100 bill. And just told me I was lucky. And there was probably no more laying around.  But, this could lead to my new job -- being a money finder.

Just think if I could find one of these every day or even one a week! That would be a pleasureable job to have.



  1. Wow, that was a lucky walk that day. I never find anything, except maybe someone else's trash. lol.
    When I lived in Vegas across the street from an elementary school, there was a man that would show up all the time with a metal detector, scanning the sand under the play equipment for coins. Don't know if he found anything but he was there a lot.

  2. Ginger - Wow - So we really do find treasures - when we are not even looking ! May I go walk in that same spot ? Ha ha
    One time I was walking in my area and found $7 (seven) a five & 2 one's. And, I would look real hard each time I walked - but I have not walked in a while - -Maybe I'll start back :-) Happy Spending !

  3. heehee...that is such a cute story!

  4. It was a reward for walking....I walk every day too and boy, sometimes I just dont want to!!!!


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