Saturday, February 13, 2010


Of course, I will be the first to admit I know nothing about snow (growing up and living all my life in the south), so why are these little birds out in the snow. They have been out and about all day while it was snowing and after. They were everywhere. It looks like they were eating something on the snow. I did go out and put bread where they were so they would have something to eat. Their birdbath was snowed over and the bird feeders were all empty. 
They seem to be enjoying themselves and not minding the cold temperatures. 
The trees, the ground, the fence, the driveway, the house = all with a blanket of  snow.  Tiny icicles hanging from the roof.
I hope the old saying "this is the last freeze before spring" rings true this time around. How many times have I told you I LOVE SUMMER....



  1. But dont you think it is beautiful?? SO quiet and peaceful?? AND the forecast says snow in your area tonight. HA

  2. Well, Gin, I'm the total opposite. Give me the snow and keep the summer. I love the cold weather and I wish we had snow like you there. We only got a few clumps one night and by morning it was all gone... Nice photos. Thanks for sharing. I love the birdies. They are so resilient!

  3. Gin - I think the snow is 'magical' - and beautiful - but I do not like the 'after math' of snow - The birds in your photo are very peaceful - I, too, commented on the flock of birds in my oak tree and on the ground during the snow this weekend - even the red birds - I thought the snow was over - but it's been forecast AGAIN for tonight ! This will be our 3rd snow in the past 3 months. As you know, EVERYTHING shuts down in this Southern State when it snows - - - Louisiana was not created for 'snow' - and therefore I must repeat your statement - - I can not wait for sumnmer!

  4. Oh how I am ready for warm weather also. I am sitting wrapped up in a blanket right now, and I am ready to be free in shortsleeves and barefeet. I love your pictures though, they are just beautiful. Stay warm

    Cha Cha

  5. hey Gin I'm your Feb partner and I emailed you but didn't hear back - did you get it??


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