Monday, January 31, 2011

Send me your pictures!

And I will be happy to share them with blog land.  I am looking for some good stories to report on. -- I'll be happy to tell about your day.

Aren't these some pretty fish? Pinks, blues, yellows, oranges . . .

And the aquarium set up is just as pretty.

Credit given to Jennifer and Chris == they did a good job on decorating their fish's home and picking out such cute fish. 


  1. Those fish are lovely - makes me wonder if the colors on those fish are artificially produced by feeding/breeding them in a special way. Generally only salt water fish are colorful and those are fresh water fish, but whatever it is, it's certainly cheerful to look at. I love aquariums, used to have one, but not anymore. I may get another Beta fish the next time I go to PetSmart, only I feel sorry for them living all alone...we'll see!

    Thanks, Gin, for that very cheerful post :-) Have a great day!

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  3. (I deleted the second post because it was a duplicate of the first one)


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