Monday, February 28, 2011

Way down south

in the Louisiana bayou is my iphone-Reporter. I have my own special contributors to my blog. Remember, here I  had asked for pictures to be submitted for me to use for stories on my blog. I have had several responses. I call them my iphone-Reporters. It's like I have my own CNN network.

This iphone-reporter was out fishing in a tournament (story to come on that later). And this was the image right before their eyes. It is a a true southern louisiana bayou scene. It's almost picture perfect. It couldn't be any better. That little fellow was just sitting on the limb while they were fishing and trolling by. Brandon was my iphone reporter for this magnificent scene. Thank you Brandon for sharing it with me. He doesn't know I'm posting it here.

Want to be a contributor? Just text me a picture!!

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  1. That is an awesome picture ! Looks like Brandon has taken up another great hobby - - photography!


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