Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arm Candy

Arm Candy, Eye candy, Party Candy

My sweet, awesome family is doing a beautiful act of kindness to me . They have worked very hard for over two weeks. They have even fanagled one's mother-in-law to help in the making of decorations and foods.

I have missed the planning and hands on meetings. I have missed the fun, the laughter, and the food prepared for them to eat while slaving over piles and stacks of items used to make the decorations and to make this an absolutely awesome event.

I know they are tired. I know they have given of their precious free time after a hard days work at the office and the planning and crafting have taken up precious weekend hours that they could be doing other things.

And I missed the family conversation that goes along with any kind of family meeting, no matter the purpose of said meeting.

arm candy
HENCE, the arm candy picture. I know there is a story behind the arm with the bracelet. But all I got was the picture. I wasn't there.  If only Butch could talk, I'm sure I would be asking him 100 questions. (Butch is in the background of the picture eating),

I said all this to say, "Thank you three with all my heart." This event would not be taking place if not for your good heartedness and love.

The event they have been working so hard for is this Saturday. It's a baby shower for my 2nd new grandbaby. And from a few tiny bits and pieces that I know, it's going to be a grand event.

P.S. This post was not meant to upset or harm anyone in any form or fashion.. Just me wishing I was there.


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  1. It has been a JOY to be a part of - Our family is Blessed - and I am so thankful to be a part of it. Haven't decided what I'll be doing for lunch on Sunday's now that the Shower Meetings are over - - -

    Now - tell me more about the Bracelet - - it sure looks famaliar!!


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