Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Party Planners

My 1st new grandbaby was born July 24. His baby shower party was so nice.

At a very nice venue with picture perfect weather and thoughtful loving guest who showered Julie and Brandon with beautiful gifts. Her sisters had great food and cute decorations and made this a great party for the new little one-to-be. 

My other party planners did a nice job too. It was a baby shower party for my 2nd new grandbaby to be.

It came off without a glitch!
Nothing went wrong, everything went as planned .

Unless you count the stormy weather that rolled up 2 hours before the set time of the event. It got dark, it thundered, and it poured down rain and wind, and the streets flooded.  And then it stopped as quick as it started just in time for people to arrive.

Jennifer was nervous that no one would show because of the weather.
For sure rain nor flood will stop people from being super awesome great friends and family.

 Thank you party planners for great food, cute decorations and everything you did.

Thank you guests for being so thoughtful and showering Jennifer and Chris with gifts.
This baby girl is due Sept 27.


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  1. Both couples (new parents) are so happy - and they both got so many nice gifts. Cohen is precious - and we are looking forward to Brooklyn! What a Blessing!


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