Saturday, April 6, 2013


Our family pets take center stage in our families along with all the other family members.

Here's a doggie show of our pets I took pictures of                    

Top row, left:  Butch and Bella                Top row, right, a stray                        
brother & sister, inseparable                    I saw him in a parking lot,
                                                            and he is exactly like another
                                                            family member named Butch

Middle row, left, Molly                          Middle row, right, same Molly
thinks she is still the baby of                  did not adjust well to the new
her family, riding in the baby                  baby in her house

Bottom row, left, Macy                        Bottom row, right, Poochie
aka Ms. Queen of the day,                    does not like anyone but her
everyday, always has her way               human father

I just wish I had a cat.


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