Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Growing a Clematis

I tried several years ago to grow a clematis vine. I planted one tiny root in a pot and have been watching and waiting for years now. I had no idea what I was doing wrong because it never did anything year after year. Until now. It's still in the pot I planted it in. But it has 3 buds on it. Hopefully I will see some clematis flowers shortly. It's kinda spindly and weak looking.


I've researched it to see what I need to be doing or what I should have been doing for it. (1) It needs full sun. I figured that. (2) It needs something to climb onto. Something tall that has less than 1/2 inch diameter rails to attach itself to. I figured that, also. But I had not given it anything to climb on. Research says that if the vine has nothing to attach itself to for climbing, it will stop growing. Umm, I didn't know that. And (3) needs moist  well drained soil..

Also, they usually aren't mature to start blooming until 2 years old. Which is why, I guess, mine is ready to bloom now. Certain varieties do grow well in pots. The larger varieties should be planted in the ground because they will reach 10-20 feet. Umm, I don't know which variety I have. 

So I scrounged around till I found an object I can use as a trellis for my clematis. If I follow my research and give it what it needs I hope to have this is the future. 


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  1. This will be a beautiful 'trellis' - love the color also.


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