Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hoping to Survive

While inspecting my flower garden, I am aware I need to freshen and spruce things up, to add a little here and there. And possibly a little watering and fertilizer wouldn't hurt.

On a whim, while in the city, I stop by Lowes and Walmart to check out their hardy, evergreen, flowering varieties in the garden center.

Several chosen species that came home with me were two hibiscus to display in pots. And, two spireas, aka bridal wreaths. I have always wanted bridal wreaths added to my garden.

I also needed something evergreen that blooms, I have had my eye on peony's in flower garden catalogs. But  have been unable to find them locally. And have also considered rhododendrons. Both are new to me, but I love their large flowers. I found no peony's. I did find rhododendrons in a large container. And at a large price of $24.98 per container. What if I pay that and then they do not survive?

I settled for the clearance section of half dead azaleas. Azaleas are evergreen. Azaleas are flowering. Azaleas are hardy.

I am hoping they survive and get re-freshed when I set them in their new home.

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  2. I have peonys that need thinned. Would you like a start? I can mail you some root for next year. They are pink. Let me know and you can send me an email.

  3. I love azaleas, but I do not think they are hardy in my zone. The best part of living in Los Angels were all the giant azalea hedges people would have. =)

    Thank you so much for sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  4. Lovely, lovely flowers! I'm trying to pot some more around our place to add some color to the yard.

  5. love the hibiscus! Don't forget the epsom salt for you azaleas...they'll thrive with it. Twice a year (sorry, the gardener in me won't shut up!)


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