Saturday, April 13, 2013

News About Nothing

Saturday should have been a funday instead of a work day for me. It was quite the boring day.
Husband came into town and met me at BK for a quick lunch. While there I recognized someone whose picture I see on my FB newsfeed occasionally. I was completely in shock, knowing I never see anyone I know in a restaurant here. Technically, I don't know her either. This lady and her 2 children were exactly who I see on the fb newsfeed. On fb she always has cute sayings about her children and always bragging on them and  and coming across as a super mom. Well, not today. She was constantly fussing at the children and never smiled. She must have had a bad day. I didn't know whether to approach her and say aren't you so and so's fb friend,  she's my friend too. No, I just watched her. She's not my friend anyway. 

The eliptical has been sitting on the back porch unused since the 5K self-training back in February/March.  With springtime here I have been walking/running 3-4 days a week instead of using the eliptical. Still making a mile each time.  So, why haven't I seen a drastic look in my body? My older jeans in a size smaller have been dug out of the bottom of the closet and fit just fine, but I look the same.

I prepared a chicken meal in the crock pot for a hearty supper. Ummm, I forgot to turn it on. So, sandwiches with more tomatoes won. 

Hoping the new week is more fun.


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