Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Best of the Weekend

Most of my weekends are spent at work. But I do get to throw in an hour or two of self-indulging acts of treating myself to a little bit of happiness.

We ate at a drive-inn the next town over while running some errands. Sitting in the truck listening to intercom songs overhead. There are more places like this than just Sonic.  The car hop even asked if we wanted refills on our already super large drinks. Yea, why not.

Company arrived and we strolled the mall a bit. Made a visit to the MIL. And ate a late nite "breakfast" supper at Cracker Barrel. And who can't resist the shopping there. Always cute stuff, but I managed to be strong-willed and didn't cave in to buying anything.

Threw in some must-do house chores like laundry and sweeping and ending the weekend with a late nite TV movie "GhostTown".

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