Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Next Holiday

Every month except August and either March or April (depending on when Easter is) has a major holiday. The next holiday is Mother's Day.

This year I am putting a fresh new spin on Mothers Day. It's the two girls first Mother's Day and I want to make it special for them. So my mind is in full gear thinking of something special for them. Although, technically, it's not my place to. They are not my mother. But I want to show a little appreciation to them for being such great moms to their little ones. Any suggestions? Leave your suggestions in the comments for me, please. Help me be the best loved mom and mom-in-law in the whole world this mother's day. It's kinda my own self-contest I have going here.

So time to hit the mall and find the best gifts.
me at the mall
a food court stop
stopping in every store

I don't really want  a gift or a big to-do over Mother's Day. Just being content that everything is well, that everyone is happy and healthy, and being together is really all I need.

I do have a MIL that I will make a little fuss over. She is old, she has been kind to me thru the years. I have to think of something special for her, too.

I am participating with NoBloPoMo in the month of April's theme fresh.


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