Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Ridicu-list

No self control here. It's ridiculous how I can get away with some things lately.

Today, two McDonalds ice cream cones were consumed by me. Only 150 calories each. But high in sugar and fat. I blame  (a) my no-self-control;  (b) the lovely McDonalds Easter gift card I received; and (c) the chance to be out and about running errannds for work. It's ridiculous the bad choices I made. If I  just didn't have to go past McDonalds again on the way back.


While running errands for work, I also took a personal side trip to Walmart. Remember the half-dead clearance rack of azaleas yesterday? I planted them in their new home yesterday and realized that 4 more would look really nice there, if they survive.  I couldn't wait to get back to get more, just incase someone else was there to by all the half-dead clearanced azaleas that were left. I made it in time. There were plenty left to buy.

This was a most ridiculous weather day. It's suppose to be after Easter, spring time, air filled with pollen, which should be warm and sunny. Yet, it's cold and rainy, and cloudy and dreary.

I was a little later getting back to work than anticipated. What with all my personal errands mixed in with work errands. It's ridiculous that no one noticed how long I was gone. No one said anything or asked any questions. It's ridiculous I am not missed at work.


  1. I love to get out of work in the middle of the day! What a treat!! I might go look for some half dead azalazes too! There are worse choices you could make than eating McDonald's ice cream cones!

  2. You must try the MacD Cookies !

  3. I think a treat every now and then...for me it's usually more now than then! good! I hope your azaleas make it. I love a good bargain! I scrolled down and saw the cute pics of your grandchildren...very sweet! Have a good weekend!


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