Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sewing Part 1

I am attempting to make a casual wear outfit for a RWB (Red White & Blue) baby pageant.

I have a few design ideas in my head. I've bought the fabric, which is red white and blue of course. I've found a free plain baby circle skirt pattern that I have printed. Here is the free pattern and instructions. Then the rest I am creating as I go along.

This is a long post so I am showing a picture of the 90% completed skirt. I only need to permanently attach the red sash at the waist after I double check the fitting at the waist, attach a trim on top of the top ruffle, and steam iron it. Ummm, maybe that's more than 10% to complete.

The elastic is in the casing, just waiting for a fitting to complete the waist, and the red sash is not permanently attached yet either.

And the back, again red sash is not permanently attached and not tied in a decent looking bow.

To begin adjust your pattern to size you need. The pattern is for 3 months. I need 6-9 months so I am tweaking it for the size I need.  Hopefully her site can explain this to you.

But, I cut my pattern as a half circle, placed on folded edge of fabric to cut, an resulted in a full circle.

I zig zagged the waist edge to stabilize it and to keep it from stretching and fraying until I decide how to do the waist. And made a 1/4" hem on bottom edge.

I am adding  tiny ruffles to the bottom of the skirt. One each of red, white, and blue.
I cut a 3"  wide strip of each color 2 times the diameter of the bottom of the skirt. The skirt bottom edge is 60", so I need 120" long strip of each color. My fabric is only 60" so I cut two 60" strips 3" wide of each color.

Working with one color strip at a time, I stitched the ends of the 2 pieces of the same color together to form a complete circle. I folded the circle strip in half long ways and stitched with a long stitch for pulling the thread to gather.

I found it easier to pin the stitched strip to the bottom of the skirt in four equal places, then I pulled the stitched thread to gather the strip as I stiched it to the skirt, adjusting ruffle strip evenly around. I sewed it leaving just a rough edge, I did not turn the edge under as I sewed because it was basically too hard and each ruffle strip is sewn on top edge of the previous ruffle anyway, so no rough edge will be seen. Plus I will add a small edge trim on top of the top ruffle to finish it off for a nice covered finished look.

Working with 2nd color strip pin in 4 equally distanced places on top of first completed ruffle. Gathering between pins as you sew. And it will look like this.

Third ruffle strip goes on top of 2nd completed strip. Pin and gather as you sew.

It's coming along with a flouncy twirly shape. There are a gazillion strings to trim off.

Using the same pattern I cut an underskirt/lining out of a shiny sheer. Sew a ribbon trim around the hem line.

Pin the underskirt/lining to the top skirt at the waist being sure when finished the wrong side of the top skirt is on top of the right side of the underskirt/lining. Stitch together along top waist edge. Then make casing stitch for elastic depending on how wide the elastic is you are using.

Almost done with skirt. Looking like this.

I am still looking for a narrow white ribbon to stitch along top edge of unfinished top ruffle edge. I wanted to use the same ribbon I sewed around the underskirt/lining hem, but I don't have enough and I can't find another roll of it in the store. Still thinking about this and what to do.

Last step for the skirt, is to hand  tack in 4 places a shiny sheer wide red ribbon to the waist and make a big long bow in the back, but, after I do a fitting and make sure the waist size is correct.

Then later lightly  steam the entire skirt instead of ironing so the ruffles and underskirt/lining won't become to flat.

Now. Next I have to do a top for the skirt. My idea is to use a tiny sleeveless tank top and embellish it to get the wow look. i have a large blue sequin star ordered for the bodice that has not arrived yet. That is Part 2, to be posted in a few days.

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