Thursday, May 9, 2013

Starting the Day

I was the recipient of a McDonalds gift card recently, thank you most kind one at Sharing Daily Steps, and chose to use it this week. Went thru the drive thru ordering a med coke. FYI all size drinks are $1 for a limited time only . But I paid for it with cash. What was I thinking?

Why do they put fast food places across the street from each other or beside each other?

Then I turned into Burger King drive thru and ordered chicken strips. Gave the lady my McDonald's gift card. She tried several times to scan it, and kept telling me it was declined. Embarrassed of course, I kept asking her to "retry it cause I just got it and I know it's good". After her trying several more times, she tells me it's a McDonald's card. Embarrassed of course, but laughing and wondering what is wrong with me, I apologized a hundred times, dug out some more cash and paid, went to the next window, took my food and gladly left.


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  1. Oh Lord, Gin....that's funny and sounds like something I would do.

  2. You are too young to do that ;>) Maybe we should get you a Burget King card also - - lol

  3. I had McDonalds for breakfast today too


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