Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Craze

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Another  picture I took recently while shopping on Mother's Day at Bass Pro was of this is the women's section.

It could be me if I were way skinny. Or if I were way tan. Or even if I were way younger and cuter.

I am working on the skinny part. Of which I will never see skinny again, but hopefully just a little smaller.
I am working on the tan. I just like to be a little darker in the summer because the white legs are a little eye blinding.  I, at times, use the self-spray tanning products. They work great if you spray yourself evenly. And not over do it and turn yourself orange instead of tan. Yes, I have had stripes of tan up and down my leg. And even have been a burnt orange shade before. But eventually you can get to looking almost real.

The bottle I am using at the moment is Loreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist. I find it doesn't take much to get a lite tan. And I spray mist myself 2 times a week to keep my legs and arms with just a tint of tan to tone down my whiteness for the summer.

Ok, so I'm a little crazy.


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  1. crazy? you? no way! Just caught up in the lovely weather "fever" we all get down south. I am allergic to ALL self tanning products so I always stay my lovely shade of beached whale! hahaha!


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