Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The new Bloglovin' thing has really taken off. I like it. I constantly get updates on email or my blog and  my email daily feed from Bloglovin'. It's like "oh good, someone's at my door" and I can't wait to see what's new they have posted.

So if we are going to be BFF''s I thought you should know a few things about me.

I love doing the self-checkout.  It's so simple. Scan, bag, pay. Husband gets embarrassed of me everytime.

My favorite luxury food would be stuffed shrimp. I love that!

We are empty nesters so I am very lazy. I think I deserve down time, until the kids say they are coming and then I cook and clean like crazy.

I like big gigantic furry dogs. We've had several St. Bernards. But now we have a small little furry one.

I love cats, but don't have one. It's the husbands fault we don't have one.
Mr. Kitty, my sister's cat

My favorite holiday in the whole year is family birthdays. I consider birthdays as a holiday. That means almost every month we are celebrating someone with cake, food and gifts.

I will try almost every DIY out there. I actually think I can do anything. Yes, there are some "oops! that didn't work" projects.

What are some fun things about you?'



  1. I dislike self check out but my husband loves them. I avoid it.


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