Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to Have a Happy House Guest

We've had a house guest with us for almost a week now.  It does make for extra work at times and can be a little exhausting at times. But, it also gives us a change in our daily hum-drum routine .Even if it is family, you still want to be the best hostess to your house guest. Our house guest this week is our grand-dog Molly. Your house guest can be a pet, you know. Pets are part of the family. So here are a few tips to get you and your house guest thru the week, whether pets or people. Because you definitely want them to want to come back.

1) Insist that your house guest "make themselves at home"  Go about your normal daily activities. They probably want a little privacy and personal time, too.

2) Provide them with all their basic needs like food, water, snacks, and bed. Make things easy for them  to find. Though, this is not our house guest's first stay-over visit with us so she knows her way around

3) Have some familiar things around, just in case they get homesick.

4) Include your house guest in family time.

5) Let your house guest keep to their regular schedule as close as possible with things such as meals, rest time and exercise.

Our house guest is such a diva. She requires a little extra TLC. Especially since she has to share the house with our Poochie.


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  1. It helps if the guest is cute! We babysat a "granddog" once or twice. Our son and his dog are living with us until he can find someplace that allows larger far no luck...he might have to buy a house instead!

  2. Great tips! My husband's father is coming to stay with us tomorrow night so this is a timely post for me. Your houseguest is a cutie!


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