Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last Week

photo.JPGI can tell you about the flea market I stopped  I took a $20 to make a quick run down the isles to see if there was anything I liked, I needed, I couldn't live without, and that I just had to have. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, which was a good thing, because there was not much there that caught my eye. But these two items won the day. $5 each. I needed some high chairs. Yes, some high chairs. Meaning more than one. Cause you know I have two little ones. These were perfect. They are portable and can be put away when the littles are not here.  And, oh yeah, $5 each.

I could bore you with more pictures of the littles.  So here's just one still photo from a video from my week with them last week. Crawling races. Fun.

I would love to show pictures of my visits with family last week. I did visit, but took no pictures. Had a nice dinner with them and chatted on two different days. Fun.

There was a few daily strolls down the street to get the little one out of the house. We were both getting cabin fever. But, gosh, it was so hot. And, so many doorbell rings to answer. There was the Terminex man twice. Two different guys at two different times. The UPS guy. And the one guy who had the wrong address.  And I can't forget the ice cream truck. I heard him everyday at 5 pm. Yay for me for not going out to meet him, not even one time!

So it's back at the old grind.



  1. Your littles are adorable, Gin. From the looks of the crawling race, they'll be doing foot races before long. Have a great week ahead.


  2. It was great having you back in the "South" !


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