Monday, June 3, 2013

Lights Out

Woke up to no electricity. Why do husbands always  automatically asks, "You did pay the electric bill, didn't you?" And, yikes, I begin to wonder.. It's always in the back of my mind that they turned our electricity off. So I have to call and report our outage. And I ask twice if they are sure other people in our area have outages, too.

With not much time to eat the day before and adding a late night bedtime, we were hungry for breakfast. So at 7am got dressed with the early morning sunlight shining in and headed to Cracker Barrel in the rain.

I went to pay and Larry went to the truck to pick me up at the door. I had to tell the cashier, "I LEFT MY WALLET AT HOME." Seriously.  I had taken my wallet out of my of purse the night before to pay bills, and left it on the counter. I began to tell the cashier I was serious and I would have to wait for husband to get back. And then asked her if she gets a lot of those excuses. She was nice. But I couldn't shut up. Embarrassed, unbelievable. Seemed like forever waiting on Larry to come back inside to pay.

Finished the morning grocery shopping. The "20 items or less line" cashier insisted we come to her check out. I insisted we had much more than 20 items. But she made me use her. Then people began to line up behind us with only several items. I explained to them that the cashier insisted we come into the line because at the time there was no one else in line. Then, she had to stop and get a price check. Embarrassed, unbelievable, again.

When I thought things couldn't get any worse I had this grand idea to go thru my closet and dresser. And you know what kind of chaos that creates all over the floor and bed that takes more time to clean it up than it did to make it.

I'm glad that day is over.


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  1. Gin, you are so funny. I would have died too if I gotten to the register without my wallet. LOL! Stuff happens. LOL! I get embarrassed when no one even knows anything has happened, like if someone cuts me off in traffic and I proceed to tell them off with no one else listening. Then I think, what did that just solve. LOL!

    Have a great day!


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