Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blue and white baby dress

I am on a roll sewing baby dresses. They don't take much fabric, unless you make one like this with 4 layers in the skirt and 4 different fabrics. A size 9-12 months. There really is no pattern. And it's technically not a dress but a two piece set.

The skirt:  A circular pattern of 4 layers of fabric. One each in a white and a blue in a soft satin. One layer in a sparkle blue translucent. And one layer in a blue/white lace. And a fish line roll hem that I just learned to make recently. 

Front of Skirt

Back of Skirt

The top: Using the blue, white and the lace. And lined with the white. With a white ruffle and a lace up back.

Two bows made from the white fabric. One to place on the outfit top and one to place on the back of the skirt. And one more made for the hair bow. 

I am spending way to much time sewing lately.  The house, the laundry, and the dinner are all being neglected. And my sewing area is one huge disaster. To remedy that I just have to not learn any more new sewing techniques. 


  1. Its Beautiful ! Love the Blue and love the Bow - but especially like the way the 'back' comes together - - the printed 'waist-band' is adoreable. Precious ! Looks as though u have become a Professional Seamstress !

  2. Oh that's adorable!! I love it! The bodice back and the fact that it's 2 pieces will make it fit so much longer too:)


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