Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Green House DIY

We started a green house a while back.  It's a work in progress. It's almost complete. It needs the side walls. It needs more plants and a soil bin. It needs running water.  It needs a cute door. And it needs a center hanging light. And some outside plants to lush it up. But other than that it's good to go, until winter comes.

Here is a picture as it is now, incomplete, but workable until winter comes. Larry designed and built it. It will have drop open windows on sides and back and see thru /poly ribbed plastic panels. And a cute old timey wooden door for the front that was salvaged from a demolishing project. The roof is already on, which is the same see thru poly ribbed plastic panels, purchased from Lowes.

A shelf ledge along each side holds the plants and some pots and things. This huge plant has been sitting in the same spot for over a year now and is growing wild. It began as just a tiny piece. Just last week I transplanted some into the pot on the side of it. At least for now the green house effect is working, as my plans are to grow and restart plants.

The concrete pavers down the middle were salvaged from someone else's project that they were disassembling. They've been stacked up until now. The perfect fit for the center floor. A bistro set sits in the corner for the time being. 

A few new start plants have made their way onto the shelves. And some hanging from the ceiling beams.

The lady of the house sits and keeps watch over the goings on. She is tied to the post at the moment. I don't want her going anywhere. I found her at a yard sale a long time ago.

Hoping to show the finished project very soon.



  1. That's really something! I have a small garden, but my uncles is huge & I get to do all our canning. I'd love to build him a greenhouse!

  2. I am so jealous. That little greenhouse looks perfect.

  3. I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!


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