Friday, July 12, 2013

The Red White Blue Pageant

We are doing a two day pageant. I say we, but Brooklyn is the participant and her mom, Jennifer, is the, well, is the mom, and does what moms do.

The July RWB (red white blue) pageant was tonight. Tomorrow is casual wear. Tonight was really fun and a good experience. The stage was beautiful. Some good music. The participants outfits were all spectacular with sparkles and glitters. About 75 contestants.

We were there to cheer on Brooklyn in the 0-11 months. This is her waiting for the event to start. Notice her little white cowboy boots in the pictures.

There were 8 in her line up for 0-11 months.  Here are the first few. There weren't any tiny babies. It seemed they  were all just about the same age, around 9-11 months. She's the first one on the right.

She got 2nd runner up. That's not too bad. Of course we wanted queen. If we could just get her to smile a little in front of the judges then we could breathe a sigh of relief. She is wild down in the audience before, during, and after. Once her mom walks on stage with her she freezes. I guess it's all the people and noise and lights. But that's ok. Right?

It was fun for all of us. And I am sure we will be doing more. 

I made her outfit. You can read about it here


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  1. Very cute and the outfit turned out great! Congrats to Brooklyn!


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