Thursday, July 11, 2013

There really is such a thing as a "Food Fairy"

Food Fairies are those of you who prepare meals and deliver to those who are in need of a helping hand at just the right time. Whether home from the hospital, or grieving a loss, or any number of reasons why you show up on their doorstep at just the right time in their daily life.

I recently had my own Food Fairy. Although I wasn't in any dire need of a helping hand, it was nice that my MIL sent a meal  to us. Only because her oldest and only son of 4 children cut her grass today and did her yard work. And it was nice to come home to a home-cooked meal after work. 

If you are a Food Fairy, know that you are much appreciated to those who are on the receiving end. 


  1. Sounds like a Great Guy - and a very sweet MIL

  2. Perfect way to say thanks! He did a wonderful service for his Mom. She sounds like a good lady! Hope you enjoyed the meal!


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