Friday, August 2, 2013

Ending July

July went out as fast as it came in. 
Just as fast as a year went by and Cohens first bday came. 

I know you've seen way too many of pictures of my littles. But here's a few more I took at the birthday party. 

My 2nd watermelon carved shark went over well at the party. Even tho some referred to it as a whale, even days after. The more I look at the picture, the more it could pass as a whale. But the instructions said I was making a shark. 

I did a little sewing before the month ran out. Fabric was in my stash. And the pattern was stuffed away in my "stuff". Total cost was $0. I had just looked on Etsy and saw these for $35 -up.

July is over already. It flew by. 


  1. Always enjoy the picture of your 'babies' - The picture of the outfit is precious - very talented! And - the picture of the 'whale' really was a conversation piece ! Keep the picture rolling !

  2. Cute littles! I agree July flew by.

  3. Never too many pics of cute kiddos! I think your shark looks the teeth! Cute outfit! Must be nice to be a good seamstress!

  4. I love your watermelon carved shark! It looks awesome! I definitely see a shark, not a whale :) I can't believe July is over already. It really flew by fast!

  5. I love seeing pictures of the kids and I knew the shark was a shark. The dress you made is just sweet and the colors are wonderful! It always makes it sweeter when it is done for free!!!!!!!!!


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