Friday, January 17, 2014

Pink Project # 3

I'm calling this PP #3 (Pink Project #3). Do you see a pattern here? My projects have begun with "P". Poinsettia Project a few days ago. And now a Pink Project.

I finished the 2nd of 3 baby sets. The first one is here. This one is all pink. Pink blanket, pink bonnet, pink booties, all with pink ribbon. Complete with a rather muscular baby doll to model for me, sitting in the pack and play.

It took just about 8 days from start to finish working on it just late at night after dinner, dishes, and a little house work. This one is also for my sister's  friend's grandbaby to be, as was the other one I made a few weeks ago. This bonnet is a little more frilly than the #1 project because this is for a girl. The other was for a boy. It's on a little crooked. I promise it really is even at the neck.

And booties fit these fat little doll model feet and the blanket will be nice and comfy.

Now it's all neatly folded and I'll package it up for gift giving.


  1. This is Beautiful ! - - the baby doll is a Great 'model' also ! - - The pink is so very Lacey. The grandmother (& baby) will ADORE it. You are very gifted ! looking forward to your # 3 set.

  2. This is so beautiful and girly! What a lovely gift. It turned out so well!


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