Monday, February 10, 2014

A Valentine: Project # 4

A valentine pageant ooc dress is on the agenda. That was my project for the week. I so wish I had a humongous real fabric store in my area. This time I don't even have enough time to order fabric online.

This will turn into something really cute (I hope).


My vision is a two piece with a ruffle top and Capris that gather with elastic at the knee with a ruffle. The finished project almost never looks like my complete vision. What's in my head and what's on paper does not always really happen. 


The heart ribbon will be the ruffle on the capris. They are almost complete.

 It's what I envisioned so far. I will add a little red bow on each side at the knee. I love the little panteloons. They will be so cute under the dress.

I'm contemplating on how to arrange the top. An off the shoulder with a ruffle over the shoulder and the skirt with ruffles that come up to the waist on one side. Sound confusing? We'll have to see.

Fish line hem skirt and ruffles all come together nicely attached to the top with the the heart ribbon.

Voila! The finished project. Cute. Cute. Cute for a Valentine pageant outfit.

I've shared this hint before, but, here it is again. Spray the finished skirt with extra hold hairspray a few days before the event. It helps hold the flounce, the hem edge ripples, and holds the shape to a tee.The above picture has not been hairsprayed yet. Spray a section at a time and kinda hand form the shape how it should be and hold for a minute or so till it dries. . BE SURE AND TEST A SCRAP OF THE FABRIC FIRST AND LET IT STAY OVERNIGHT!!!!  

There's a few things different from my vision. Like no sleeve, one layer skirt instead of two. Light weight fish line so the hem isn't too stiff. And the white sheer I bought didn't even make the cut. It just kinda happens as I go along. 

And shoes? The cutest little red sparkly Mary Jane's are a perfect match. On sale $7.99. And a red/white petti skirt she already has to wear underneath.

Pageant day is here and here she is in  her outfit at the Be Mine Pageant. Minus the bow, eating fruit loops, while waiting for awards to begin.

*** She received queen of her division! Yayyyy Brooklyn! No cameras were allowed in ball room, so we have no pictures of her with her crown, yet." ***

This was Fun. Fun. Fun to make. And the pageants we attend are always Fun. Fun. Fun.


  1. Awww she looks so cute in your dress! I love that you made a pageant dress just for her. How sweet. And congrats on the big win! Yay!

  2. The Dress is Beautiful ! - - The Lord has truly blessed you with the gift of 'sewing' (creativity !)
    I must say - - the little Miss Queen is truly a beautiful, precious, little girl.

  3. I agree, you do have a talent in sewing. And she is a cutie! Congrats!


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