Friday, February 28, 2014

I Had A Birthday

Thursday was my big day.
The big 6-0.

Flowers arrived at work from some co-workers.


Between answering cell phone calls, responding to Happy BDay texts, and checking on FB BDay greetings it was a wonderful day. 

BDay cake, BDay presents, and BDay dinner spent with others who have BDays the same week will follow soon. Stay tuned for that. 

I plan to make this a super year



  1. Happy Bday Gin! You day is right before mine..and I remember well the milestone of 60..well, it was just last year! (Hey, I'm not that forgetful yet!) I love the flowers and I hope your celebration is a great one!

  2. Happy birthday Gin! Hope you celebrated BIG! And, here's wishing you many more!

  3. Happy Birthday ! Beautiful Flowers ! - - And - great Celebration - - and to think there's MORE to come - SOON !
    Looking forward to it ! - - Sooooo - - - - - how does 60 feel !


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