Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Paragraph

Usually it's called a new chapter in your life.. But to me it's just a new paragraph. Just a continuation of life, but on a different topic.

This week marked some milestones for me.

My birthday. Not really that unusual except for the fact that I turned sixty. I didn't want to use the numbers 6 and 0. It looks better like "sixty" than "6-0". Or rather than calling myself a senior citizen or an older person or an elderly person. Sixty is the new forty. I consider myself blessed to see the age of sixty. All is well and I am dog gone proud to have made it this far with only a few scrapes and bruises.   So, Happy Birthday Week to me. I'm going to celebrate all week.

The festivities began with two BDay cards with money. Then a bouquet of flowers. And many calls and messages with BDay sentiments. Again, all is well.  

My sixty wonderful years brings about milestone #2.  Retirement at sixty thanks to my husbands 42 years of work entitles me to his spousal  retirement benefits. He's been retired for 2 years and now I am joining the ranks of hanging around the house while the money goes in the bank. All is well and we are doggone blessed to be at this stage in our life.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  

Friday (the day after my birthday) was my official last day at work. Personally, deep down, I kinda sorta want a part-time 2 day a week job. Just something to keep me in the swing of things and get me out of the house for some me time with a little cash on the side. 

While this isn't exactly a milestone, it looks like I'll have plenty of time for visiting family and friends, plenty of time for chores around the house without blaming a job taking all my time, plenty of time for sewing, plenty of time for outdoor sutff, and plenty of time to act my age. 

I have an agenda and I'm sticking to it. An agenda that includes doing everything from A-Z. Like washing the AUTOMOBILES to visiting the ZEBRAS at the zoo. See, everything from a-z. And I want to take it all in. It'll be like taking a fresh look on things instead of  being in a rushed, chaotic, busy, blur of a day. 

So my new paragraph in my life starts today. It's not all about me. It's about all those who are a part of  all my sixty years, who without them I would not be who or what I am today. Thank you!




  1. Sounds like you've had a great birthday celebration and have a big celebration with retirement also! That's great that you can wave bye to the job and concentrate on enjoying time with hubby and family and all those really important aspects of life. I hope this is the start of many wonderful memories and activities in this new decade! Happy birthday and retirement!

  2. After wiping away some tears - I'm now able to write a comment! What a beautiful story ! Sounds like you are ready for SIXTY ! (by the way - - senior citizen discounts actually began at age 55 !) - - - Sounds like you are ready for some retirement celebration. You and your husband are truly Blessed !


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