Friday, March 14, 2014

Project # 6: A Quick Blue

A pageant dress again.

 Layer upon layer of  fish line hems alternating blue and white. As seen from the bottom up.

Five layers to be exact. Blue white blue white blue.

Attached to a tiny bodice with a narrow decorative ribbon of shiny sequin shaped designs around front and back. A  v-neck centered strap to match the sequin ribbon across the back and criss-crossed across the shoulders in the back.

Finished with a tiny ruffle all around the top edge. And a double bow adorned with a bling button attached at the empire waist.

It came together nicely and in record time.

Only took about 3 nights to complete.About 15 hours on and off.
Diaper cover, hair bow, and matching ruffle socks to match.

So how much did it cost?  I added it up. A few things I already had like buttons, hooks, and elastic.
Seriously, it didn't cost that much.


No instructions given on this post. But if you're interested just the least little bit look here  for instructions on fish line hem. The dress was created without a pattern, just using measurements of the toddler.

And by the way, the hair spray is used to lightly spray each layer to form it as near as you want it too look as possible.

I hope it fits perfect. If not, there is always the secrets of adjustments with pins and needle and thread.


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