Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Days # 21 - # 24

I'll eventually get to the 100th Happy Day picture. Today I've got #21-24.

 While driving into the city, I stopped at an Antigue Shoppe. I wanted practically everything in there. Some things weren't even antigue, just cute things like handmade painted signs and such. I settled on buying nothing.  

Small towns are so quaint. And small. Literally one Main Street with one of a kind shops and a few doctors' offices and a bank thrown in the mix with the railroad crossing a block away. 

Mail delivery makes for a Happy Day. Didnt know that 2 yards of glittery poodle fabric would make my day. I'm going to be sewing this week for sure. 

As soon as I finish this one. 

Seventy-six more Happy Day pictures to go. 


  1. Beautiful Dress ! You are so talented

  2. Lovely happy days! We have a few antique shops in our little town too...and I love to look but I really don't need any more "things" in my life! Have fun with your material..hey, are you a "material girl'? HA!


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