Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pony Wear ( Project #18 )

There's a new pageant in town in association with USA Cowgirls. There are local preliminaries that qualify you for state and nationals. 

We're not cowgirls, by any means, but it's an opportunity for fun and rewards. It's Polka Dot Pony Showdown LA. 

My first thought was western. You know, like horse, boots, hat? But after the excitement of reading all the info, I guess it doesn't actually have to be western. A pony theme could go in any direction. But then I thought of My Little Pony character too. So I'm going with two outfits to do both themes. 

First, the western idea.

Western wear is usually blah denim apparel. Agree? Not!

It should be a) bright, b) fashionable, c) feminine, and d) fun. So I came up with my own take on a western theme for Polka Dot Pony Showdown. 

As you see it is: 
a) Bright with color. 
b) Fashionable with the chevron. With matching color large polka dots. This was no coincidence. The 2 fabrics are actually complimentary of each other by a fabric designer, of which I forgot who, but I do remember the print is titled Bliss. (Yes, I am proud of myself for knowing this. Normally, I just pick up a yard and go.) 
c) The whole outfit screams Feminine. 
d) Fun. Take your pick -- iridescent ruffles; or shiny AB crystals in the center of the large polka dots; or the crop top with shorts; or the ruffle suspenders.

The pink cowgirl hat with matching iridescent ruffle and awesome little pink boots complete the outfit. 

It's just waiting for its crown and sash. 

I'll show My Little Pony character idea soon. 

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  1. You as a Grandmother - - is so Creative - - a special gift from GOD. I love the outfit - - but - - the matching Hat & Boots truly make the outfit. As always - - our little 'Cow-Girl' will be Beautiful !


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