Friday, October 16, 2015

Pop, Roar and Cinderella

Sewing and pageants are back.

Lately time has been spent sewing and creating for a circus themed pageant. 

One for a little lion.

 The request was for a tu-tu look. So there's 3 layers of sparkle netting to imitate the lion mane. Strangely  it's not around the neck. For the idea is to create an imagination of the theme. Brown leggings with matching sparkle netting ruffle compliments the outfit because the color of the outfit and the skin color would really blend together. The gold shoes are a perfect match. 
And two little brown ears (aka: brown sparkle flower hair clips with sparkle netting to imitate the mane around the 
ears) to clip on two high-up ponytails.

There's always a popcorn vendor at the circus. This screams "Popcorn. Popcorn. Popcorn. Get your popcorn."
Red and white stripe with red sparkle and yellow pompom trim. The skirt with a full ruffled handmade petti underneath with a red sparkle edge trim. Shoes with yellow bling and a hair piece that's just so cute. The bling letters on the top reads "POP CORN".

The most recent pageant was the National Cinderella Preliminary. We walked away with winners. 

One Overall Cinderella Tiny Tot Queen. 

The judges comments were: "Brooklyn- cutie, awesome personality, great dress, pretty girl, love this dress." She did great out of 10 in her group.

One other little fussy baby all day did get Overall Cinderella Baby Photogenic.

The judges comments were: "Brynlee- beautiful dress, looks like a little lady, not happy today." She let everyone know she was not happy that day.

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  1. Beautiful Little Girls ! Outfits are Precious !


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