Saturday, October 10, 2015


 Cruisin' the Coast happened to be this past 10 days and we just happened to ride down and enjoy it. 

It goes sonething like this:
Along the gulf coast drive, owners of classic cars cruise up and down while people are sitting out lined up along the beach front all day and night watching and holding up signs for all the cruisin'going on. 

There's a parked car show where the classics come and go and you walk and look and pick out your dream car.
Of all the cars, my favorite was the Corvette. 

There were several red corvettes I could have choosen from. 

I'd even choose a Mustang.

The old refurbished work trucks would be nice to have. Our group kinda matched with the color blue.

At the end someone was in a better mood. We took turns carrying him at first,  then it was nap time, now he's all refreshed and we're all tired.

Then sitting in traffic bumper to bumper, trying to get out of dodge and get some good food and get home after a crowded  day. 

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