Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Selfie Christmas Tree Challenge

                                         A Selfie Christmas Tree Challenge

Here's a little challenge game I want you to play along with me this holiday season. It will start Dec 1 and run thru Dec 21.

Rules of the Challenge:
1) Take a selfie with every Christmas tree you see as often as you can. Or be like me and ask a stranger to take your picture. You and the tree must be in the picture, but other people or things can also be in the picture.
2) Post a picture as often as you can. A post everyday with you and a Christmas tree would be awesome. In your post give a little info about the place, the picture, etc. TMI (Too much info) would make it so fun.
3) If you would link back to me that would be awesome. The top picture on my Selfie Christmas Tree Challenge post can be used as a link back or the picture from the sidebar. Just put my URL http://keepsakemoments.blogspot.com
4) If you wish to play along, let me know in a comment and leave your Blog URL in a comment and I'll add you to my Selfie Christmas Tree Challenge List on my sidebar for others to visit you.
5) When you visit others accepting the challenge, leave them a comment cause we all like comments.
6) Use your imagination and have fun.
7) The challenge will run Dec 1-Dec 21.

I'll start the Christmas Tree Challange with my First Christmas Tree Selfie Challenge..


While at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere on the river, I sat eating delicious stuffed shrimp and watching 3 teenagers taking their picture in front of this Christmas tree. In fact, that is what gave me the inspiration for this Selfie Christmas Tree Challenge. So, I went over to them and asked one to take my picture with the tree for a project I planned to start. I only got one shot cause I'm not really that brave and everyone was watching us cause the tree was right in the middle of everything. And yes, my husband pretended he didn't know me.


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  1. Very good Picture of you - - with those Lovely Christmas Glistening White Lights. Merry Christmas !


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