Friday, January 29, 2016

Stone Mountain RVing

A trip to Stone Mountain Park in 2015 gave us a  good experience in our early RVing experience. 

The 8 hour drive was easy with stops for breakfast on the go, a quick lunch, gas stops, and doggie detail. 
On arrival, Stone Mountain Park Campground was a good expectation considering our very first RV resort experience. You can read it here. The RVing life may be growing on me a little. 

We would be meeting family members here and will be checking out the adventure park so I want things to be good. 

We had a view of the lake.  Knowing our days would be in Atlanta at the Sunburst National Pageant and then one day at Stone Mountain Adventure Park, the site wouldn't be a big concern. We would only be at the campground to shower, sleep, and eat a little. 

We experienced the adventure park. We took the shuttle from Stone Mountain Campground to Stone Mountain Adventure Park. It is a pretty area with just one mountain of granite.

We rode the sky lift to the top. And we took the train around the mountain. 

The little was content to ride and est popcorn while we walked around.

We rode the Ducs and the youngsters could drive.

Me playing the part of the Statue of Liberty.

We ate dinner at Campfire Grill in the adventure park while we waited for the laser show. Such a fitting place to eat considering our staying accommodations. 

We made our way to the Memorial Lawn for the laser show for 9:30pm. It was quite crowded but we did get a good place that we liked. My plan was to go back to the RV and bring a blanket and snacks for the show. But that plan didn't work out. We didn't have time to go back before the show. The grass was clean and soft and dry. So down we went. 

The show was enjoyable. Something for everyone to connect with. There was Frozen's Let It Go that took Brooklyn by surprise. And fireworks for everyone.

We took the shuttle back to the campground afterwards. And we're ready to pull out the next morning. 

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