Friday, August 19, 2016

Louisiana Flood 2016

The rains came down and the rivers topped their banks and flooded everything we knew. That was three weeks ago. 

Together. Tirelessly. Non-stop. Hard and Dirty. Before and During and After. That's the kind of WORK my hometown is doing right now. 

Three parishes have been running on adrenaline. Neighbors, volunteers, and authorities doing the work to save and rescue  200,000+ people during the flood. 

The work continues to repair and rebuild homes, feed and clothe people who lost everything they owned. 

Schools were damaged and there are no classes being attended. School had started 2 weeks prior. Students are scheduled to return to classes on September 12. School has been interrupted for a month. 

My kids weren't flooded. But close family members and friends and strangers were. Twelve strangers and one friend lost their lives.

Tho I live an hour and a half away now, it still hurts my heart to see and hear of the devastation of people's lives and homes. 

Work continues. 

# Louisiana Flood 2016

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