Saturday, September 3, 2016

Emergency Mawmaw Daycare

The flooded disaster is still going on in my home area.

All public and private schools and school/daycares in our flooded areas, including the one my little grands attend, are still being repaired from the flood damage. Their parents are back at work and have no daycare open. So I'm the daycare. I stay all week and entertain the little ones during the day  and come home on weekends to the hubby and regroup for the next week. 
Nothing like a lot of mawmaw bonding. 

On week two husband-pawpaw brought the RV to a nearby resort and we did a mini-camping trip with the 3 grands and us.  But, close enough to the parents just in case.

They spent two days and one night away from their parents.  And we were all happy campers. 

Lakeside RV Resort was very close to home. It had not felt the effects of the flood. And we had been there before. It's clean, all concrete sites, large lake, pool, playground, everything we needed. Except for one rainy day.

Day one: 
Ice cream cone visit twice. 
Playground time with rock climbing, sliding, and jumping. 
Bike riding.
Bubbles and soccer ball playing. 

It was a scorcher of a day, everyday. Hot and humid.

Day Two:
Rain Rain Go Away. Spent most of the day inside with puzzles, fort building, made-up games as we went along, and starving so we ate a lot . 

I taught them the fun of puzzles. I find really cute puzzles of their favorite characters (like Minnie, Mickey, Paw Patrol, Lion Guard, Batman, Spider Man, Else of Frozen, and even Barbie) with the perfect amount of pieces for their age and the perfect size for them.

We even taught the littlest one to "like" puzzles and not destroy them as we put them together.

We had more than sandwiches to eat. We ordered pizza delivery for one dinner.  

Another week of mawmaw daycare coming up. 

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  1. Looks like so much fun and I'm betting they were tired by days too probably! They are adorable and in very good hands. I know their parents must be so thankful for you to do this during this hard time. Glad everyone is safe and hopefully all will be back to normal and no more flooding! Take care!


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