Saturday, January 16, 2010

Work accomplished

A few projects done already in January. And one apron in December for Christmas Carol Flirty Apron Swap. I made this for my assigned swapper in December.

Then, there was another apron in Cheap Hot Mama Apron Swap. I made and sent this one: We had to use what ever was in our stash with out buying any fabric or anything. I added a classic monogram for the recipient. It came out cute, but cheap.

And a Christmas ornament for A Year of Enchantment. It had to be a pine cone or an acorn handmade ornament. I painted a pinecone with glitter paint from a pattern from a clip art print onto an acrylic picture frame that I cut out with a Dremel tool and then drilled a tiny hole in the top to thread a Christmas ribbon for hanging. Very creative if I do say so myself!

And a pine cone "snow girl chorus line" garland that I made for the same Year of Enchantment.

I kind of got carried away I know.

In return, I received this cute fantastic pine cone ornament. It's soft, very detailed, really cute. And she included a pretty flowered handmade cloth bag to keep things in, like maybe jewelry, sewing items, etc.

FYI, YEAR OF ENCHANTMENT is a  swap for the year 2010. Each month is a theme, partners are given, you make the ornament themed item, and mail to your assigned partner. It goes on for 12 months of 2010. In December 2010 each participant will have 12 enchanted themed ornaments for a special Christmas tree.

I have several more projects for January. I have 2 bed size quilts to start quilting. I will start them in January for you (you know who you are). I will be finished before you know it. 



  1. You are so creative with the pine cone ornaments. I especially like the Chorus Line

  2. I love the acrylic for the ornament...what a great idea...and I have a dremmel too......mmmmmmmm....the chorus line is so cute.....and two quilts to do? you are busy.......I love all my projects, they keep me sane and sane is good when you consider the alternative!!!! dont be shy, come visit anytime.....

  3. Thank you!! Thank you!!
    I just love my Chorus Line Cuties!! They're so cute in their little red hats. And the pine cone hanger is awesome! It's hanging in my kitchen window. Wish I could paint......

  4. very cute - 'crafty' aprons - love the initial!

  5. the ornies are too cute and the aprons you made are too! One crafty ladies. BTW, I want those FRENCH FRIES!


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