Friday, April 22, 2011

An Egg Story

For the 50th something time I am dying Easter eggs. I have done this every year of my life. Usually with help from my grandma every year, years and years ago. Then dying Easter eggs with help from my kids for many many years. And this year I dyed Easter eggs all by my self. Husband was at work and kids are not home.  Well, the show must go on.

A few dozen boiled eggs plus a cute egg dying/decorating kit joins me and gets me started.

. Plain dyed eggs. No glitter, no writings or drawings with the wax pencil . No little bunny and chick cardboard egg holder for the egg to sit in.  No fancy smancy stickers to stick on the dyed eggs. I must have bought the wrong kit. All it had was the colored tablets, a plastic egg spoon and plastic disposable cups to hold the dye. Oh well, the plastic disposable cups were great!

All dyed and waiting for the Easter bunny to give

Then, we can hide some dyed eggs and eat some dyed eggs, And eat some more in tuna salad, chef salad and any other kind of salad. 

But the most important part of Easter is our risen Savior Jesus.



  1. Isn't it amazing - that Easter egg-dying is always fun - -no matter our age! Happy Easter as we celebrate our Risen Lord & Savior.

  2. You can remember making Easter eggs with Maw? I cant remember....

  3. sweet! I haven't made dyed Easter eggs in years!


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