Monday, March 5, 2012


It's the equinox gravity thing going on tonight. All you need is a broom.

It's a great conversation piece. It works for some. It doesn't work for others. No one knows why.
But I tried it. And on the first try it is doing what it is suppose to be doing. It's standing up by itself.  It's about gravity and the equinox of the moon. I think that's what it is about.

And no, it is not halloween. There was no witch flying in on the broom. Just to set husband straight. Because he is not quite sure about this.

I'm not a scientist, you know.  But little things like this I can experiment with and really quite enjoy.  But it will only work tonight, so they say. My broom is still standing. I am going to leave it standing up and see if it falls by itself by in  the morning.


  1. Im waiting for it to sweep by itself.

  2. it is pretty cool stuff...when my kids were little, we did it and it worked..They were so awestruck. my littlest was convinced it was magic. Earth and nature all amaze me....

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  4. Wow! That is amazing! I have never heard of that happening on an Equinox. I'll try to remember for next time. So what do you do? Just stand your broom upright and it will lift off - or what?
    I'm trying to get back into blogging because I've been on FB for a long time now, but I miss my blogging buddies and not all of them are on FB. I wish you a wonderful day and hope all is well!


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