Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It's almost here. The day we acknowledge Easter Sunday. Every Easter Sunday of my entire life has been spent celebrating Easter Sunday in both the Christian faith and in the secular activities. Can you do both? Yes. An Easter Sunday service with all emphasis on Jesus dying on the cross, the empty tomb, and his encountering people who knew him before he ascended into the heavens. And then, a family together day with dinner, the easter baskets, candy, new outfits, hiding eggs. It's been a tradition to do both. I can remember from way back when as a child. And I have continue to instill that tradition in our own little family and now in their little families.

I can't wait to share Easter Sunday with these two little ones. One smiles all the time. One will out stare you..

How do you celebrate Easter?

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  1. Hi
    Love the pictures of your cuties. Let me guess the one who out stares you is the one in pink ;)
    I am looking forward to my Easter this year. It is the first year I spend with my grandkids. We plan to decorate Chocolate Easter eggs on the day after we go to their church for the children's Easter presentation...Can't wait!
    Handmade at Warratahstree

    PS Found you via your link on Night Owl Blog Hop. I am new to regular blogging (had blog for years but never posted much) and am having a great time on the blog hops.


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