Monday, February 9, 2015

A little entertainment for you

A day of fun with valentines, Cupids, and hearts everywhere started February off with a bang at a local fun pageant.  

This 2 year old was full of spunk and was cuter than ever on stage in her Valentine wear. 

She did everything on her own and even more that took us by surprise . No coaxing this day.  

She was the best in her group. 

Waves, kisses, and judges eye contact was perfect. 

She kept us entertained.

She was sooooo good. She was crowned 2 year Division Queen.  And was the 3 highest score in 0-6 years old. Just missing the top 2 supreme titles. 

The outfit I made fit her sassy-ness perfectly.  It makes me want to sew and sew and sew. 

And baby sister held her own.  She didn't place Queen. She didn't smile enough. But her outfit got high judge ratings and remarks.  

So, I'll be sewing up a storm with all the visions I have in my brain for pageants, pageants, pageants.  


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  1. Both the Little Girls - - and the Outfits - - are Beautiful.
    The 'Girls' love what they do - - Pageants !
    You love what you do - - Sew !
    Makes for a Great combination. - - - Beautiful !


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