Thursday, May 12, 2016

In the kitchen

There's cake. Every event calls for cake as the grand finale' for a any accomplishment. 

The recital after party was no exception. Ballerina cakes were googled and we came up with these. 

The little dancer choose #3 and the adults in charge choose #4. So we do both. 
For #3 we ordered a Wilton molded doll dress pan which was exactly the shape you see in the picture. It took 2 boxes of cake mix. Cooked for over 60 minutes because it's so much batter in that funny looking pan. Bought a Barbie Ballerina. Wrapped the Barbie torso and legs in Cling Wrap to put into the hole of the cake skirt that was cut out from the small  top end down thru to the wide bottom. It was easy. Pink icing spread all about and pink crystals thrown around on the wet icing. I'm the first to admit I'm not a cake decorator, so don't judge too harshly. 

The original and the duplicate. 

Then the #4 was a no brainier. We ordered it from the bakery. Here's the original idea and the duplicate. 

The bakery 2-tier cake was pretty and neat and so delicious as a bakery cake should be. 

The "other" one served its purpose for the delight in a little girl's eyes to see a Barbie Ballerina in a cake that she chose. The Barbie came out of the cake nice and clean for a token of the day. 

Maybe too much was done for a small affair. I do tend to go overboard on everything. It's the lasting impressions (good or bad) that make the memories. 

Go big or go home, I say. 



  1. Beautiful -- Very Creative ! I do believe your next career could be a Cake Baker :>)

  2. Just adorable....I agree with Pegi, very creative

  3. You did fabulous! I would think it was done by a bakery! Your Granddaughter will always remember how fun you are and how much she loved those events. So don't change your "overdoing"'s totally worth all the work and all the love that goes into it!


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